12 Steps to More Leads, Customers & Growth for Your Company From Pay-Per-Click!

Learn Why PPC is Still The Best Advertising Investment You Can Make

Join us for an educational webinar on Pay-Per-Click Marketing!

PPC is still one of the best uses of your advertising budget

We’re huge fans of pay-per-click advertising like you see on Google and Bing. Not only will your ads show up near related search content results, but you control how much you spend, how often you want your ad to run, and who you want to see it. PPC, in a word: targeted!



In this free webinar we will discuss:

  • Mind-blowing statistics why PPC matters to your business
  • Why PPC is still the best advertising investment you can make, with the greatest return
  • Simple strategies for targeting the right audience
  • Key metrics to watch, common pitfalls to avoid and best practices to follow


In my conversations with business owners, I’ve learned that a lot of you are simply not using PPC because you think it is dead, or too expensive, or that it doesn’t have a good ROI.

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Ed Downes

Digital Marketing Strategist
Ed Downes is the founder and CEO of Non-Stop Customers. Creating automated lead generation systems that drive sales and revenue into your business.